What we do

Videos for business is our specialty. We also provide distribution of your final video. We create multiple videos to capture all different aspects of your business.

Who we are

I am an Avid Certified Professional video editor with 9 years of experience working in the film and television industry and nonprofit sector in NY and NJ, in all aspects of video production. I graduated from Dartmouth College with a B.A. and High Honors in Film & Media Studies and was a recipient of the Maurice H. Rapf Award for Outstanding Achievement in Film & Media Studies.

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Sonia Schnee, Owner

What makes us stand apart from the competition

Here’s how to get the right information across in your videos. We address the pain points of your customers and include content about what matters to them. Check out our video portfolio.


“Sonia and her team are true professionals and extremely fun to work with. Our interview went very well and we felt every topic was covered in a relaxed and enjoyable setting. Her team even came back to capture more video footage to use in the final product. To say Sonia and her team went way beyond our expectations is an understatement. They had a ton of footage to work with and the true magic came in the editing. Sonia team created promo videos that we LOVE and use on our website and marketing on a daily basis. The videos truly capture the essence of what we do, who we are and showcases ALL of our strengths. So grateful to have gotten to work with Sonia and her team. An added bonus is that Sonia is still in touch with us trying to help us out. Top notch work!”

– Cheryl Corej and Sara Reynolds, Across the Floor

“I brought in Sonia to help highlight my business, Elevation Fitness, which just opened in July. The video process was completely new to me and yet Sonia explained what we could do, what to consider and gave me links to other video’s she’s produced. Indie Films came into my facility prepared to film my clients and knew exactly what we were trying to showcase. The end result was a video that captures our facility and methodology to perfection. I know this will help drive more clients to our facility. I highly recommend Sonia and [Jersey Video Production] to anyone.”

-Jeff Hazard, Owner, Elevation Fitness and Health

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