Frequently Asked Questions

Video Production FAQs

Q: Do you have a studio that you work out of?

A: No, we are completely mobile, so that means that we come to you, whether that is at your place of work, your home, or an outdoor space. We can also access unique and memorable filming locations using PeerSpace.

Q: What kind of equipment do you use?

A: Our Equipment Package includes (but is not limited to):
– 4K Blackmagic Cinema Camera with full set of prime and zoom cinema lenses
– Sony a7s with 4K Atomos recorder
– Canon 60D 1080p SLR Camera
– 2 complete wireless lav sets
– Shotgun mic and boom
– External recorder and mixer
– 3x LED light panels
– 3x 1000w 5600K soft box lights
– Tripod
– Ronin-M Gimbal Stabilizer
– Slider, Jib, Dolly
– Drone
– Teleprompter
– and more

Q. Do you assist with the writing of scripts?

A: Yes! If you come to us with simply the idea of “I want to do a video” but are unsure who should be in it, what the talking points should be, how long it should be, or where the final video should be posted, we are happy to help with all of that. We provide strategic planning and scripting services, and for the distribution side of things, once you’ve finished your video we are happy to connect you with our trusted partners so your video can reach the target audience that it needs to.

Q: Do you work with Marketing/Advertising/PR companies as an outsourced contractor? Do you “white-label”?

A: Yes. Several marketing/advertising/PR companies have used us as independent contractors. Whether you have a specific script that you want us to follow when creating the video, or if you want us to formulate something for you, we’ve done both kinds of projects and are happy to affix any branding or white-labeling you see fit.

Q: I already have raw footage; I just need the footage to be edited. Do you do “just” editing?

A: Yes. We provide solo editing services.

The same goes for filming/videography. If you’re already working with an editor and you only need filming/videography/drones, we’re happy to go out and shoot the footage that you need and transfer the raw files to you.

Q: In what format will my final video(s) be delivered? Will I be able to easily add them to my website and social media pages?

A: All completed videos will be delivered in 4K resolution and an HD resolution, in .mp4 file format which is desktop & mobile phone compatible and can be directly embedded onto Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Vimeo, and more. (Note: Other file formats and resolutions can be created if requested.)

Q: I want to be able to repurpose my video for different outlets. For example, I want a 3-5 minute version to put on my website, a 60-second version to put on Facebook, and short clips to put on Instagram. Can you do this?

A: Yes. This is actually a common request — and a clever one at that. It’s important to tailor your final video to fit different mediums appropriately. Visitors to your website may be invested enough to watch 3-5 minutes of content, whereas potential clients who are finding you through social media may only want to dedicate a few seconds to learn about your product or service. This is where strategic planning and scripting are crucial before any filming actually begins. The more you plan, the more you will effectively your video, or videos, will deliver the results that you want.

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