Personal Event Videography

Do you have a event coming up?

Do you want to CAPTURE it on video,
but don’t want to get STUCK holding the camera?

Now you can enjoy your day,
knowing it’s all being professionally captured for you.

Parties, celebrations, rehearsals, performances…
Storytelling sessions with grandparents…
Surprise videos for family and friends…
Creative slideshows & more…

You can count on us as your trusted personal videographer.

Whether you want a polished, edited piece…
or just the raw footage,
we’re here to help!

Want to see samples? Click on the image above to view our VIDEO PLAYLIST.

How does it work? 

1. We discuss your needs and goals. 

2. You tell us when & where to be, and we’ll start recording.

3. Within 24-hours following the event, we’ll send you a private link so you can review the footage.

4. If you’d like us to edit everything down into a shorter video, we can do that.
Or, if you prefer we just give you a copy of everything, we can do that, too!

5. Enjoy your video memories with the people who matter most. 🙂

$630 for a 3-hour shoot
plus complimentary screener.

*Note: This is includes filming only. The cost of editing (if applicable) is determined after a consultation.

Equipment used: Canon XF405 (records in both 4K and HD 1920×1080); tripod; external microphone to capture ambient sound; lavalier ZOOM mic to capture interview audio (if needed). 1 videographer on-site.

Professional lighting gear, the use of drones and other special equipment are an additional cost.

Additional cameramen/crew are also an additional cost.

Questions?  Want to get started? 

Email or call 908.380.6812. 

We’ll get back to you within 24 hours with next steps!