Sizzle Reels & EPKs

Filming & Editing Services

If you have dreams of appearing on TV
or want to pitch/promote a product/service,
one of the most powerful and essential tools to have
is a SIZZLE REEL that highlights your best work. 

Sizzle Reels (also known as demo reels, media highlight reels, show reels,
PR videos, video pitches, EPKs, promo videos, and teasers)
are under 5-minutes long, flashy, and fast-paced
and are great for B2B and B2C marketing purposes. 

Want to see samples? Click on the image above to view our VIDEO PLAYLIST.  

How does it work? 

1. We have an initial phone meeting, followed by a deep dive in-person or video consultation. This allows us to learn about your needs, goals, and better gauge the scope of the project as well as any budget constraints.

2. Sometimes, additional filming in required in order to add more content to your sizzle reel. In that case, we set up a film date.

Usually, a sizzle reel consists of past work, so you may already have a library of media elements (videos, photos, newspaper clippings, website links, etc.) to share with us.

3. We edit all the elements together and send you a private link so you can watch & review your reel any place, anytime.

4. Let us know of any adjustments — large or small — that you’d like made. We’ll make those adjustments and send you the final video file in .mp4 format.

*BONUS: If you are a NJ resident, we’ll promote your video via (our sister company) to over 10,000+ Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram followers. 

*PRICING (filming): 

$100-200/hr plus travel

*PRICING (editing): 

$150/hr, or a per project flat rate

*Pricing is subject to change depending on the complexity of the project. All shoots include camera gear, lights, mics, backdrop, and teleprompter (if needed). All completed videos include audio mixing, color correction, graphics, and the addition of stock music/footage (if needed). 

Need an estimate?

Email or call 908.380.6812.