Suggested Video Packages

If you are in need of FULL-SCALE, end-to-end video production services,
but aren’t sure where/how to begin, have no fear!

We’ve put together a handy list of
video package possibilities.

What kind of video is right for me?

If you are making a video
for BUSINESS purposes,
the key to making a successful video
is remembering that

It’s about your educating, entertaining, intriguing,
and motivating your IDEAL TARGET AUDIENCE.

What information do THEY need to know?
What problem of THEIRS are you SOLVING?

Which best describes you?

I am a business owner. I get the majority of my business through REFERRALS. The majority of new customers/clients reach out to me because their friends/family/coworkers have recommended me.

RECOMMENDED: Video testimonials package.

WHAT’S INVOLVED: You give us a list of happy clients. We go out and capture their testimonials either using an iPhone, for a low-key casual feel, or with a camera crew, for a higher production value feel.

What if your client is afraid to appear on camera? No problem! We can take a their written testimonial and combine it with photo/video clips.

I am a contractor (painter, home remodeler, renovator, etc.). It’s important for potential clients to see “BEFORE” and “AFTER” images of my work to know that I do a good job.

RECOMMENDED: Capture-the-process video.

WHAT’S INVOLVED: You tell us the start date of your project. We come in and set up a time-lapse recording to capture the entire project from beginning to end, and/or pop in at intervals to capture footage and commentary on how the project is progressing (think HGTV).

At the end, we do a walk through of the finished project and grab a video testimonial from the satisfied client/customer.

Examples coming soon!

I am an entertainer. I AM my business. I provide customers/clients an EXPERIENCE. If more people could SEE what I do, they’d hire me.

RECOMMENDED: Presentation/testimonial combo video.

How it works: We go in, capture your presentation or performance along with audience reactions and grab video testimonials from the event’s attendees.

See examples.

I sell a variety of PRODUCTS that customers can purchase in store or online. Customers need to see my product and understand how it works & how it will improve their lives before they buy it. Customers will also benefit from watching “How-To” videos after they’ve made their purchase.

RECOMMENDED: Product promo series.

WHAT’S INVOLVED: We come in and film your products along with an explanation of how to use them and create a dedicated video about each.

See examples.

I sell a variety of PRODUCTS/SERVICES that are complex. Customers really need to SEE what I do in order to fully understand what I do. I’d prefer not to use real people in the video / it’s not feasible to use real people in the video. 

RECOMMENDED: Animated explainer videos.

WHAT’S INVOLVED: We work with you on a script(s) and create animated videos that help your audience understand how your service works.

See examples.

I am a salon owner, makeup artist, stylist, personal trainer. My customers/clients experience a PHYSICAL TRANSFORMATION.

RECOMMENDED: Before-and-after transformation series / client testimonial package.

WHAT’S INVOLVED: We come in and film the “before,” “after,”  and “in between” of your process. We grab testimonials from clients before your begin (how are they feeling, what do they hope to achieve, etc.).

We film you going through your process from start to finish, and end with client testimonials (how xyz made them feel great, and how they will recommend you to their family/friends/etc.).

Examples coming soon!

I have an EVENT coming up that I’d like to promote, and/or I’d like someone to film the event, and/or I need a video recap of the event.

RECOMMENDED: Event package.

How it works: You provide us with still images, video clips, and text (if possible) to incorporate into a promotional video leading up your event. (If you don’t have access to still images and video clips, we can make use of stock footage.)

We work with you to distribute the promotional video.

The day of the event, we come in and film and grab testimonials from attendees, if desired.

After the event, we combine the footage into a recap video. The recap video can then be used to promote your next event.

See examples.

I am a business owner, entrepreneur, artist. I want to build up my “Know, Like, and Trust” factor through SOCIAL MEDIA.

RECOMMENDED: Stress-free social media series.

WHAT’S INVOLVED: We work with you to plan out a series of short videos where you speak to the camera about a variety of topics.

We film the series, edit it, and then work with you on distribution strategy to make sure it reaches your ideal target audience.

See examples.

I am a business owner, entrepreneur, artist. I want to use my WEBSITE to educate prospective clients about the services I offer, while building up my “Know, Like, Trust” factor and that of my employees.

RECOMMENDED: Website video package

WHAT’S INVOLVED: We review your website with you, identify your businesses goals and what services you offer, and create a series of videos to put on different pages of your website.

See examples.

Ready to begin? Looking for something else?