Video Services

Plan. Create. Distribute.

We provide the following Video Production services:

– Pre-planning
– Scripting
– Videography
– Still Photography
– Video Editing
– Animation
– Video Marketing & Distribution 


Before you start filming ANYTHING,
you should first have a clear idea of:

you’re making the video for,

you’re going to get the video in front of them,

and WHAT
you want them KNOW, FEEL, and DO once they watch the video
(a call to action).

Fortunately, we’re here to walk you through the process!


Step 1:
Identify your Ideal Target Audience
(demographics and psychographics).

This will affect the CONTENT of your video.

Step 2:
Identify where they get their information.
(e.g. Social Media? Internet search? Website? Television?
At a live event or physical location?)

This will affect the LENGTH of your video.

Step 3:
Identify what your goals are.
(What do you want your audience to Know, Feel, and Do?)

This will affect the CALL TO ACTION
at the end of your video.

Step 4:
Develop a script.

Step 5:
Film your video.

Step 6:
Edit your video.

Step 7:
Implement a Distribution Strategy
and Audience Engagement Tracking (if applicable).


Creating a great-looking video is only part of the puzzle.

WHERE are you going to post it?

HOW are you going to ensure that it gets SEEN by the people who need to see it?

That’s where our Trusted Partners come in.

Not sure where to begin?

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