Video Services

We create videos for business events, promotions, company milestones, and business profiles. We focus on a variety of styles of video production. Looking for a video production company that focuses on your industry? We’ve done videos for restaurants, musicians, corporate offices, and more.

Do you know that you should be making videos, but don’t know where to start? Are you afraid of speaking on camera? Do you want visual content that increases engagement on your social media pages? Do you want visitors to stay on your website longer? Jersey Video Production is here to help. We are your trusted guide through the entire video production process from start to finish, making sure that we capture content that is compelling, entertaining, engaging, and informative, and that you and your business are portrayed in the best possible light.

We are flexible with custom requests! We do all of the stages of video production, customized to meet your needs and budget. Check out our video portfolio. For questions, contact us at 908-380-6812.


Video Production Services

Promotional Videos
Create eye-catching, entertaining, and informative short videos that generate buzz around your upcoming event, product, or service. Great for sharing on social media, your website, LinkedIn, in email blasts, and more.
Business Profile Videos
Wow potential clients/customers and build stronger ties with current ones by creating videos that highlight the best aspects of your business, goods, and services. Fully customizable to fit your needs and target audience.
Personal Storytelling Videos
Captivate viewers and build loyal fans by sharing your personal story with the world. Take your audience on a memorable journey by revealing how you got started, what inspires you, and your vision for the future.

Video Testimonial

[Jersey  Video Production] has provided video promos for the Hanover Wins Symphony for the past two seasons. The videography was of very high quality and the editing and composition of the videos told our story very effectively. The most important part is that the series of videos from Jersey Indie led to a much more positive video presence as well as increased attendance at our concerts!

-Bill Trusheim, Board President, Hanover Wind Symphony

Working with the production team was a fantastic, and stress-free process. As a very particular, and detail oriented business owner, I always strive to work with like-minded professionals that value quality service, as well as quality results. Luckily, Sonia and her team deliver on both!

The pre-production process was very enjoyable, as Sonia made sure to address all of my questions and concerns, and offered various suggestions for the best possible outcomes. Her approach provided peace of mind, which carried into the production process as well. Upon production, Sonia and her team coordinated with myself, and the staff on the location of our shoot to create an “everyone on the same page” mindset. Afterward, all of my notes, amendments, and requests (big and small) were carried out with precision, guidance, and efficiency. This resulted in a final product that was truly reflective of my vision, and brand – the ultimate goal for any business owner. Aside from my personal satisfaction, I received many compliments on the video series. This was furthered by Sonia and her team also tending to the distribution/social sharing end of the project to maximize targeted exposure.

-Artem Lomaz, NinetyThree Entertainment