Video Services

The Production Process

We provide the following video production services:

– Pre-planning
– Scripting
– Videography
– Still Photography
– Video Editing
– Animation
– Video Marketing & Distribution 
– Audience Outreach & Engagement Tracking
– Full-Scale Marketing and Execution

What Are Your Goals as a Business Owner?

The most common goal for businesses of any size
who will actively RECOMMEND you
so you never have to worry about your revenue stream again.

But maybe your goal is something else.

For example, creating training videos for your staff
or  recording corporate events.

A Stress-Free Process

When it comes to creating a video,
have you ever asked yourself any of following questions?

What should my video be about?
Who should be in it?
Where should I film it?
How long should it be?
Where do I post it?
How do I get people to see it?


The thought of creating a video can, understandably, feel intimidating or overwhelming,
and the task of making sure your target audience actually SEES it and ACTS, can feel even more so.

If you’re visiting our website, though, you are one step closer to finding a solution.

Planning Ahead

Before you start filming ANYTHING,
you should first have a clear idea of:

WHO you’re making the video for,
HOW you’re going to get the video in front of them,
and WHAT you want them KNOW, FEEL, and DO once they watch the video
(a call to action).

Fortunately, we’re here to walk you through the process!

Our Process

Step 1:
Identify your Ideal Target Audience
(demographics and psychographics).

This will affect the CONTENT of your video.

Step 2:
Identify where they go for information.
(Social Media? A website? A newspaper?
A physical location? A live event?)

This will affect the LENGTH of your video.

Step 3:
Identify what your goals are.
(What do you want your audience to know, feel, and do?)

This will affect the CALL TO ACTION
at the end of your video.

Step 4:
Develop a script.

Step 5:
Film your video(s).

Step 6:
Edit your video(s).

Step 7:
Implement a Distribution Strategy
and Audience Engagement Tracking (if applicable).

Not sure where to begin?

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[Jersey  Video Production] has provided video promos for the Hanover Wins Symphony for the past two seasons. The videography was of very high quality and the editing and composition of the videos told our story very effectively. The most important part is that the series of videos from Jersey Indie led to a much more positive video presence as well as increased attendance at our concerts!

-Bill Trusheim, Board President, Hanover Wind Symphony

Working with the production team was a fantastic, and stress-free process. As a very particular, and detail oriented business owner, I always strive to work with like-minded professionals that value quality service, as well as quality results. Luckily, Sonia and her team deliver on both!

The pre-production process was very enjoyable, as Sonia made sure to address all of my questions and concerns, and offered various suggestions for the best possible outcomes. Her approach provided peace of mind, which carried into the production process as well. Upon production, Sonia and her team coordinated with myself, and the staff on the location of our shoot to create an “everyone on the same page” mindset. Afterward, all of my notes, amendments, and requests (big and small) were carried out with precision, guidance, and efficiency. This resulted in a final product that was truly reflective of my vision, and brand – the ultimate goal for any business owner. Aside from my personal satisfaction, I received many compliments on the video series. This was furthered by Sonia and her team also tending to the distribution/social sharing end of the project to maximize targeted exposure.

-Artem Lomaz, NinetyThree Entertainment